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tree surgery

Are Your Roots Up To No Good

It’s lovely to live on a street of tree lines and enjoy the natural benefits of being surrounded by trees each day. If you have a home with established trees with roots in your yard, make sure that you look after them. If not, you (and your home’s plumbing!) may pay the price.

tree surgery

One of the myths of tree growing is that the root systems of a tree mimic the foliage above. In fact, most trees have root systems that target sources of water.  This can include groundwater, bores and even the water in your plumbing system. It is important to get an arborist into review the health and size of the tree growth.  This is for both above and below ground before you get hit with an expensive plumbing bill.

Australia, in addition to its wonderful native trees, also has a large number of invasive tree species. This can pop up at any time and cause damage to structures, paving and walls, as well as your plumbing. If you are trying to get rid of noxious weed trees, it is important to use professional arborist services as these plants have extensive root systems and can lodge deeply into the water sources around your yard, only to reshoot at a later time.


Having an annual tree care review and property check can help the arborist to identify potential issues early on and can help to keep the cost of your tree care as low as possible.


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