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Tree Pruning Services

How To Prune Trees Right The First Time

You probably already know that tree pruning can improve the overall health of prune trees – but did you know that pruning it wrong could actually cause problems, rather than preventing them? Many people attempt tree lopping and trimming trees themselves, but did more harm than good.

Tree Pruning

The removal of too much vegetation, trimming it in an incorrect way or taking off the wrong branches can result in the tree getting sick and diseased. Uneven tree pruning can also leave a tree with too much weight on one side. This is dangerous, as it increases the chance that the tree will topple over in a storm, which could damage property and cause injuries. Prevent this risk: so seek expert help for tree pruning and tree care in Brisbane.

If you want to ensure your trees are pruned right, then you need the help of a professional. Old Stump provides high-quality tree services throughout Brisbane and Ipswich. From pruning and lopping branches to trimming and shaping crowns, we take great care of your trees. We work to improve and maintain the tree’s health.

Our local arborist team can deliver great results quickly, and for a low and competitive price. For more information and a free quote, call now.


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