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Summer Storms Brewing

Preparing Your Trees For Summer Storms

Summer is fast approaching, and while Australians prepare for all the joys of sun and surf, there are a few things to keep in mind about the dark side of our hottest season (summer storms) to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Summer Storms are brewing

All that blazing sunlight creates disruptive weather patterns that lead to summer storms. Those storms can be violent and damaging with high speed and gusting winds. That will surely play havoc with our gardens, particularly our trees.

Summer Storm Australia

Preparing your trees

Preparation for these high energy weather events is key to getting through them without damage or danger. Falling trees, or parts of trees breaking off, can cause enormous damage to people and infrastructures on their way down. It is vital to have a storm damage preventions done before the summer storm season arrives for any structural weakness or illness, as these are the ones most likely to be affected.

Tree Removal

In extreme cases, where a tree is at high risk, then tree removal is the best option if only to ensure peace of mind. In most cases, though, routine tree pruning and tree lopping are more appropriate.  Preserving the majority of the tree but ensuring that any high-risk branches are cut away.

Even if your garden is full of native trees, don’t be fooled. Our Australian flora is equipped to handle the summer storm season.  This includes allowing dying or damaged limbs to break away to make way for new growth! For more information, contact your local Ipswich tree service.


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