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Identifying Sick, Diseased or Dying Trees in your Garden

When was the last time you went out into the garden and took a good look at your trees? Although fortunately, most trees remain in excellent health for decades, there are always exceptions that pick up a disease, some would become dying trees due to changes in their environment and those which are simply too old to sustain themselves any more. Taking the time to inspect the trees on your property for signs of ill-health enables early intervention should a problem become apparent. With that, you can save the tree,  that would otherwise be too far too late to treat it.  Also, it can significantly reduce the cost of the intervention required.

Signs that tree care or arborist services are required

The first signs that you may need tree services as your tree is in distress may be fairly minor. Any noticeable change in the tree or the soil surrounding it usually means that further investigation is required. Changes to look for include:

  • alterations to the tree’s canopy (abnormal leaf thinning, abnormal leaf colouration, excessive deadwood, for example)
  • soil disturbances and discolouration, which could indicate root instability or contamination
  • bark changes: leaking sap, parasites, bark loss or colour changes could all be a sign that all is not well
  • tree trunk rips or gaps
  • the presence of pests

Tree Services Brisbane - Deadwooding

Regular inspection is key to maintaining good tree health

Failure to check trees can mean that they degenerate unnoticed, then fall dangerously during a storm or other adverse weather event. Not only does a tree in poor condition create a potential hazard, the methods needed for tree removals when the tree is damaged (cherry pickers, mobile cranes etc) are far costlier than the tools and labour required for tree pruning, deadwooding and similar remedial and preventative arborist services.

Don’t leave it until there’s a storm to call us out! If you notice any changes in tree growth and development, give us a call: we can come out, diagnose the problem and usually provide the right corrective treatment for a reasonable price. We provide complete tree services across South East Queensland, including Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan.


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