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Tree Problem Services

Identifying Common Tree Problems in South East Queensland

Just because trees are big, it doesn’t mean they are immune to disease! Like any other plant, trees can be invaded by pests or catch diseases.  Also, they could end up in poor health due to a lack of water or the right nutrients. Unfortunately, because the signs of ill-health can be easily dismissed until the problem is severe.  Many people with trees on their land fail to spot that their tree(s) need help to restore them to health.

Tree Maintenance

Regular tree inspection not only helps to increase the lifespan of your tree, it often means that when tree maintenance is required, but it’s also less costly and time-consuming than waiting until the tree is in a bad way. If you’ve noticed some changes in your trees recently, read on to discover what may be causing the problem. This can then help you to decide what type of action is needed to resolve the issue.

Tree Problems Ipswich

Leaf discolouration

Although the leaves from deciduous trees naturally discolour before they fall during the cooler months. Discoloured leaves at other times of the year, or abnormal colour changes, may be a sign of a problem. A common issue is that the lower leaves of the tree yellow, with the upper leaves remaining a healthy shade. This may be due to anything from disease through to the wrong amount of watering – your local arborist can diagnose the exact cause of the problem. Mottled leaves are often a sign of infection by a fungus or virus such as ring spot. Leaves which have turned brown around the edges may indicate that the tree is in a salty soil or that it has been exposed to excess nutrients (frequently in the form of fertiliser).

Stalk and stem issues

Healthy stalks and stems are critical to the health of the tree, as they facilitate the passage of nutrients from the leaves down into the rest of the tree. Cracked stems or split stalks may mean that your tree has been infected by fruit spotting bugs, or may have picked up a severe fungal infection. In either case, Tree treatment may be needed to prevent permanent tree damage.

Tree Problems Brisbane

Leaf deformities and the problem of dieback

Anything from insects through to poor nutrition may result in oddly shaped leaves. Although the tree may appear healthy otherwise, further investigation can prevent the problem from worsening. Waterlogging or leaf spot disease may cause leaves to fall off completely! Dieback is probably the most common,serious problem to affect trees in the local area: dieback may occur in just part of the tree (for example phytoplasma coupled with a drought, or mildew can cause the tree’s crown leaves to die) or occur throughout the tree (normally in response to the presence of phytoplasma).

Tree Problems

If you notice that your tree(s) are suffering any of the symptoms listed above, as highly experienced arborists, we can carry out a full assessment and recommend tree surgery or some other appropriate intervention. As you complete a quicker treatment, the faster your tree will be returned to health.  So don’t delay in giving us a call with your tree health concerns.


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