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Chinese Elm

Identifying and Removing Chinese Elm trees

Do you have a Chinese Elm tree on your property? If so, you’re potentially harbouring an environmental hazard! Chinese Elm, which has many other names.  These include Chinese Celtis, Chinese Hackberry, Celtis, Hackberry, Chinese Nettle-tree and Japanese Hackberry.)is a highly invasive tree species which isn’t indigenous to Australia. Originating from East Asia, these trees are a destructive presence which can reduce bio-diversity.  It can also kill off other species and potentially derail an entire habitat. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely common. Read on to discover what Chinese Elms look like and why tree removals are almost always a good idea when it comes to this species.

Removing Chinese Elm trees

Brisbane and Ipswich property owners – do you have a Chinese Elm?

Chinese Elms are deciduous (leave dropping trees) that grow high and spread wide. You can identify them by their smooth, colour grey bark and shiny leaves.  They are thirsty trees which you can see next to water sources. The seeds are spread by birds and other wildlife, so you may also see them by boundary fences or other locations which offer perching opportunities. These trees are greedy for water, often sending their roots hundreds of metres in search of moisture. This means they can destabilize building foundations, other trees and built structures in their quest for hydration! As an alien species, they cause unnatural breaks in the food chain.  Also, it can displace native species and can cause large areas of barren soil to develop beneath their canopy.

Chinese Elm Tree

We can complete the tree removals you need for your Chinese Elm

If you think you have a Chinese Elm on your property, you owe it to your local environment (not to mention the integrity of your home’s foundations) to get rid of it! As professional tree loppers we offer a complete range of tree services to commercial and residential customers in Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding area. Just give us a call and we will be happy to come out when convenient. This way we can confirm species identification before quoting for removal. Fully trained and time-served, our team use advanced, highly efficient equipment to bring your tree down safely and quickly. Do the environment a favour and call us about your Chinese Elm today!


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