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Tree Lopping

The Problems With Tree Lopping As A Quick Fix

If you’ve got one or more trees on your property, chances are that at one point or another you’ve felt compelled to go out, armed with a saw, secateurs or an axe and do tree lopping yourself! Unfortunately, although a quick lop may be an effective way of cutting your tree back in the short-term, in the longer term it could cause all sorts of problems.  Tree pruning is a specialist skill that really is best undertaken by professionals who have the necessary skills and equipment to get the job done properly. Read on to discover why a “quick lop” from an amateur could cause considerable damage, or even death, to your tree!

Tree Lopping Services

Professional tree pruning services help your tree to thrive

If you cut back your tree in a haphazard way,  it will be vulnerable to a number of different problems. Cut back too hard, or destroy a healthy arterial branch and the tree may find it almost impossible to grow back vigorously. Too many raw cuts could leave the tree open to infection from diseases or insect infestations. So unless treated promptly, these can cause ill-health and even death. If you chop your tree too vigorously or frequently, the stress may just be too much for it and it will die. None of these scenarios are good ones! Why not use our competitively priced tree lopping services instead?

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Old Stump Tree Lopping for Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan

Certainly, we have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in pruning, or tree lopping trees. Our team has the right tools and knowledge to prune back larger trees. Also with older ones or trees which have grown into an undesirable shape. If a tree has become unhealthy or is unsafe, our tree removal services ensure it can be cut down. Therefore taken away safely and efficiently. Above all, our aim isn’t just to prune the tree. We do it in a way which promotes future health, good shape, and a long lifespan. Ask us now about our preventative maintenance schedules for trees in Logan, Ipswich, and Brisbane!


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