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Tree Care

Tree Care From The Beginning

Do you want the trees on your property to enjoy a long, healthy life? If you do, therefore it’s never too early to start pruning them correctly. Many people wait until trees have been growing for decades before deciding to give them a trim. The right pruning early on can help to minimise the risk of structural problems. Furthermore, we can determine a favourable shape for the tree and make sure that branches or shoots don’t cluster in one part of the tree, potentially causing an overcrowding problem. If you’ve got a younger tree (sapling) you want to grow straight and true, early tree shaping and good tree care are often maybe what we need.

Tree Care Services

Brisbane tree care services for your corrective pruning

As your tree grows, there are a number of issues which may develop. Branches may start to die off due to infections with a disease or parasite. The tree may develop in-growing branches; in some cases, there may be an issue with the shape or size of the tree canopy. In all these circumstances and more, professional tree pruning services can offer the appropriate remedy. We are able to do anything from removing big branches (using a specialist “three cut” method) through. Smaller branches are cut in the right place (never level with the trunk) and that branches aren’t removed from parts of the tree where they are vital for long-term health and well-being. Just give us a call and we will come out. Diagnose what the issues are with your tree and come up with an appropriate plan of action.

Tree Pruning - Tree Care

Old Stump Tree services – don’t trust your trees to anyone else!

Trees matter! Hence it’s tempting to have a go at pruning yourself, but the hazardous nature of the task means that it’s all too easy for a DIY attempt to end up with a nasty accident. So why risk your well-being and that of your tree? We provide cost-effective Ipswich tree services, offering reasonably priced. Finally, professional tree care gives you the results you’re looking for at a competitive price.


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