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Caring For Your Trees

Caring For Your Trees When The Weather Is So Uncertain

Caring For Your Trees

Tree RemovalCaring for your trees is vital. From chilly days during the warmer months through to prolonged dry spells, high winds and unusually long periods of high temperatures. The weather has certainly thrown up a few surprises over the past few years. Unfortunately, unlike us humans who have the advantages of virtually unlimited food and drink and plenty of temperature controls, trees just have to take whatever the day brings. Extreme temperatures, high winds or prolonged periods of drought all subject trees to high levels of stress. Just like humans, without a regular routine of nutrition and hydration, they begin to suffer! Read on to find out how to provide nurturing tree care for the specimens on your property.

Careful tree maintenance is vital

Trees under stress need extra care before tree lopping or tree pruning is carried out, as both these procedures bring additional trauma in the short-term. We suggest extra watering for your tree prior to these procedures, as well as avoiding any work which is drastic unless absolutely necessary. In many cases, deadwooding and removing any dying limbs can help to ensure that the nutrients your tree receives are used to nurture the overall health of the plant.

Experienced arborist – here to help

As well as making sure that pruning is up-to-date, it’s important to also provide regular care for your tree Tree Pruningto keep it in optimal condition. Depending on what the weather has brought, your tree could require additional water or better drainage. More nutrition (perhaps through mulching), or soil aeration to prevent the build-up of unwanted bacteria and moisture. As a well-established arborist, we are able to advise on exactly what your tree needs. For you to keep it healthy during these uncertain periods of weather.

Old Stump Tree Services – economical, thorough tree care

We care about trees! That’s why, we provide full range of tree maintenance, pruning, lopping and removal services. We can also advise on tree care specific to your circumstances and trees. If you just haven’t got time to do the job yourself, why not let us water or feed your tree.  Hence, you can keep it healthy no matter what the weather may bring.


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