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Tree Removals

Is your Tree and Weed Poisoning Causing Widespread Damage?

When faced with a yard full of weeds or weed poisoning, a stubbornly solid tree stump, a knee-jerk reaction is to tip poison over the lot! Although this can certainly give the short-term result required (fast death!), it can also have a number of unexpected and unwanted longer-term consequences. If you were about to get busy with the glyphosate, pause a moment to find out why it may not be the best choice and also what effective alternatives there may be.

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Glyphosate can kill your neighbouring’ trees!

As well as recent research indicating that it’s not a particularly healthy compound to be around (the WHO’s research arm has declared glyphosate a “probable carcinogen”), glyphosate can travel through the treated tree’s root system to affect neighbouring trees. This can lead to unwanted tree death, potentially at some distance from your property. If you need to clear an area of unwanted trees, we suggest the following alternatives:

– Stump grinding: this involves cutting the trunk into very small chips, using specialist stump grinding equipment.
– Cleaning vinegar: ideal for one-off killing, cleaning vinegar has a corrosive effect on the trees and plants
– Steam: Specialist steam machines can finish off unwanted herbage and trees, without any harmful residue.
– Magnesium sulphate: This may help to kill some species of trees and plants
– Mulching: an excellent form of weed prevention. If mulch covers the soil is not going to receive sufficient light for germination to develop. Weeds covered with mulch will die due to lack of light.

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Need any assistance with tree stump removal or the removal of an unwanted tree? We are here to help. As skilled and seasoned arborists, we are able to safely and successfully cut down and remove trees of all shapes and sizes. We can also advise on a weed and tree management strategy.  This will keep your herbage under control without the need to resort to harsh weedkillers or glyphosate. Our tree removal and management services are available to homes and businesses across Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding area.


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