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Arborist vs. Gardener

Climbing, pruning, and cutting of trees are not for anyone. It is a risky task that requires a lot of skills, knowledge, training, and expertise. No matter how confident your gardener is, they are not the right people to do the tasks like cutting of tree branches, removal of tree stumps and others. To put it simply, arborists are professionals trained in the science of tree maintenance.


An arborist can diagnose issues with tree health while a gardener cannot. An arborist can also address tree issues and can ensure that your tree can have proper growth and won’t cause any safety problems.

The Risks of Not Hiring a Certified and Qualified Arborist

If you still are not convinced that hiring an arborist is best in solving all your tree problems, you might consider these risks when not hiring a certified and qualified arborist.

1.Tasks like pruning and trimming of trees can do more damage than good if performed by a person who is  unskilled in the field.

      2. Gardeners do not have the appropriate tools needed to do the job.

      3. It is possible that the gardener is not aware of the safety risks that come with pruning a tree. An arborist is trained as per international safety guidelines. All the tools that an arborist use like chippers, chainsaws, and harness are all made of industrial grade stuff.

      4.Unlike gardeners, arborists know the science behind trees and how to prune them properly. They know what, where to and how to cut tree branches without further harming the tree.

What an Arborists can Do for You

A certified arborist can provide basic tree care including pruning and trimming. Arborists are qualified to undertake tree works. They have the experience and training to provide a professional assessment of the condition and health of the trees.

By default, an arborist is required to be fully insured. This means that whatever bad happens during the tree works, they are responsible. When looking for an arborist, beware of the fake ones. Here are the tell-tale signs that you are hiring a genuine arborist.

  • An arborist always does an initial check-up before they would charge you.
  • Usually, genuine arborists do not offer super low prices.
  • Genuine arborists are insured and certified.

Choosing an insured arborist takes off the burden of what if something happens during the work. Am I liable for all the damages? Who is going to pay? A certified and insured arborist means you can rest assured that the job is handled by professionals knows how to perform tree care. Safety should always be the first priority when handling trees and if you choose to hire the service of the untrained and unlicensed individual, your property might be at risk.



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