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Tree Removal Services

Is it time to remove that tree?

If a tree on your land is looking troubled, you might be considering removing it. There are many reasons to remove a tree, including ill health, structural damage, or because it gets in the way of your property. However, you may be wondering if the tree can be saved or if removal is your only option. This guide can help you diagnose some common problems, and decide whether it is time to call in the professionals.

Tree Removal

Tree removal usually occurs because a tree has become dangerous. However, trees may also need removing because they are creating an obstruction, or simply because the owner of the property wants them gone.

Common reasons for tree removal include:

The tree is dead or dying
It has major structural damage
Storms pose risks to trees
The tree blocks your view or imposes on your property
Clearance before planned construction work

Tree Problems

Signs of a dying or sick tree include swellings in the trunk or around the roots or the emergence of shoots near the base of the trunk. Hollow tree trunks, or an abundance of dead branches, are also signs that something is wrong.

Alternatives to tree removal

Even if a tree has died, there is no need to remove it unless it becomes dangerous. Many people keep tree stumps and dead trunks on their land. They are useful habitats for birds, bugs and other critters, and they are an interesting feature. As long as there is no risk of falling, there is no reason to remove these trees.

Removing dead branches, balancing top-heavy canopies, and bracing split trunks can keep a tree living for many years longer – and these preventative measures also reduce the risk to you and your property.


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