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How to keep trees upright

How To Keep Trees Upright and Maintain Their Health

If you have trees on your land, it is essential that you take good care of them and keep trees upright. Without proper maintenance, plus additional support when needed, trees can become dangerous – and they can cause expensive damage, too. If a tree topples over, it can tear up land and wreck properties or vehicles. Fallen trees can also cause serious injuries, and even loss of life.

The good news is that professional tree care will positively impact your trees’ long-term health. With regular maintenance and preventative action, you can keep trees upright. You can do this throughout their life – and protect your home in the process. From pruning back top-heavy trees to bracing and cabling branches, a skilled tree surgeon can ensure you a healthy tree.

How to keep trees upright

Preventative measures to keep trees upright

Many people will only consider calling in arborist services when a tree has already become a problem. Removing fallen trees or dangerous branches are some of the most common reasons for emergency callouts. However, once the tree has fallen, the damage has already been done – and the clean-up can be extremely expensive, especially if property is damaged. Instead, you should arrange a regular visit from a tree maintenance professional, who can take steps to stop a tree from toppling as soon as a problem is discovered.

Call in the professional arborist services

If a tree has a structural defect such as a split in the trunk, or if it is in poor health, it poses a great risk. Over time, that risk increases. Tree pruning services, branch removal and other treatments can strengthen a tree and keep it from becoming dangerous. You should aim to have trees inspected every 24 months, to ensure there are no new defects developing.

Tree Pruning

It is essential to choose a skilled and qualified tree surgeon, with experience of tree care and maintenance. Tree lopping services require careful planning, as every cut made affects the tree’s future growth. A tree management contractor should consider every tree carefully before starting work.  Taking into account the size, the species, the proximity to buildings, and other factors that raise its risk. Trusting a skilled arborist with preventative tree care gives you peace of mind.  Therefore,  your trees will stay upright – even if bad weather strikes.


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