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Tree Planting and Landscaping

Things you must consider before landscaping and tree planting

If you’re having landscaping work done on your garden, you may well be thinking about planting some trees. However, choosing which trees to plant – and where to locate them – requires some serious thought. Get it wrong, and you could end up with a tree that is too large for the available space, or that fails to thrive in the surrounding environment. This can create a dangerous tree that could even require removing, leaving you out of pocket.

landscaping and tree planting

Why choose trees when planning your planting?

There are many benefits to having trees on your land. They can provide shade and privacy, and something beautiful to look at. They make great habitats for birds, bugs and small creatures, encouraging wildlife onto your property. You could even plant fruit trees and enjoy home-grown produce. They can even increase the appeal and sale value of your home. A beautifully landscaped garden is a very attractive feature on the real estate market.


Choosing the right trees

There is a lot to consider when you plan to plant trees, so you should always consult with an expert. Some trees can take decades and even centuries to fully mature, so you need to plan ahead. In addition to ensuring that the trunk and canopy have enough space, take the roots into consideration. Roots can grow a great distance, and could upset any building foundations and paving around them.

On the other hand, a tree that doesn’t have enough light or space could become stunted. It could eventually die off due to a lack of suitable conditions. This is where expert advice is essential. Make sure you know which species you want to grow – and that your land is suitable for that type of tree.

There are many different types of tree, including native and imported species. While the exotic types can give your land a unique look, they will not adapt to the climate and the soil as well as a native tree would.

Landscaping and Tree Planting

Caring for your trees, now and in the future

Once you have settled on the right trees for your garden, and they have started to grow and mature, be sure to keep up with essential tree maintenance. A skilled local tree surgeon can prolong the lives of your trees, keeping them healthy and safe through regular treatments. Plus, you can avoid injury to yourself, and damage to the tree, by skipping the DIY route and calling in an expert tree lopping service.

Using professional tree lopping services is a cost-effective way to prevent weak trees from becoming dangerous. Experienced arborists know exactly how trees will respond to their work, and they can provide effective treatment in order to maintain a long and healthy life for your trees.


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