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Habitat Nesting Box Installation

Support The Ecosystem With Habitat Nesting Box Installation

Looking after wildlife is essential if you want a healthy garden – and it is also a very rewarding thing to do. You can enjoy their visits, and watch them thrive. Encourage birds, reptiles and small mammals to set up home in and around your trees by providing safe and effective shelter for them in the form of habitat boxes.

Habitat Nesting Box Installation

The importance of trees for conservation

Trees are home to hundreds, even thousands, of different species. From tiny bugs to large birds, all manner of creatures may already be living in and using your trees. Making the trees even more homely can encourage the presence of beneficial species, including predators like birds which can keep pest populations down.

Often, animals and bugs will move into the natural hollows of tree trunks. They may also choose to live in decaying stumps and logs, where hollows can form. Hollows in trees on your land can always be check by a tree surgeon. If the void poses a structural risk to the tree, then the tree may need to be felled. If the tree is safe and strong, then the natural hollow should be maintained so it can support animal life.

Even a felled tree has its benefits. Leaving the stump in place or the trunk on the ground allows species to take it over and thrive there. The decaying wood provides food, and many species can shelter safely underneath. In the event that we remove a tree, we always discuss whether you wish for the remains to be removed or left in place.

Installing habitat boxes

Not all trees have these natural hollows. If a tree, or a large area of tree covered ground, is short on hollows, then habitat boxes should be installed. During tree lopping and tree pruning visits, our skilled arborists can install these habitat boxes for free. The boxes will be installed safely without damaging the tree, at a height that protects the wildlife within from predators.

Habitat Nesting Box Installation


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