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Onsite Timber Milling

Why You Should Recycle Your trees With On-site Milling

On-site Milling

As the local arborists for Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich, we are committed to providing a clean and eco-friendly service. That is why we guarantee to remove and recycle all tree waste produced during our work. When carrying out tree removals, lopping and pruning, we chip the waste wood and ensure it is reused. But what about the hardwood produced through tree felling? It is a shame to see valuable wood sent to the chipper.  Instead, consider hiring equipment through your local tree surgeons which can process the wood for reuse. Wood is an important commodity – take advantage of your trees, even after removal, with on-site milling.

On-site Milling

Reclaim your wood during tree removals

The right equipment and skills

Our available services include bobcat and excavator hire for land clearance and preparation, plus the hire of mobile milling machines. These are easy to set up and operate, allowing us to process wood for you as it is cut. Alternatively, clients with the right experience and qualifications can hire and use their own milling machine: we will prepare the wood for you during the pruning or felling process. We can also supply a chipper to get rid of any waste.

Creating this mobile sawmill means that no wood is wasted. As an environmentally conscious company, we always encourage recycling wherever possible. Removing a tree is not always the most desirable outcome, but it is often unavoidable when there is a danger posed. Make the most of the situation by reclaiming gum, laurel, oak or pine wood which can be sold and used for furniture, construction and more. For more information, get in touch today.


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