Tree Services FAQ’s

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Yes, we do! Old Stump Tree Services offer a free, punctual and informative quotation service. We are also happy to look at other trees at your property while we are on site.

This all depends on where you live, the health of tree and proximity to the house. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to find out for you.

There are many factors that determine the cost for tree works; just because a tree is large does not necessarily mean it will cost more to remove. When we quote we’ll be looking for the quickest way to process the vegetation for transport. This is where the main difference in price can be.

It isn’t the best way to maintain the health of a tree by simply lopping. We will always explain the best way we can prune your trees that will benefit the tree for the future.

95% of the time we do not require you to be home as tree works are taking place. There may be a task to achieve your desired effect that will require you to be available to confirm the prune prior to us descending out of the tree.

Our aim is to reduce any damage to your surrounding gardens and we’ll always take great care when walking through gardens and carrying out vegetation.

This is one of our guarantee: The team will not leave your property until you’re 100% satisfied with the cleanness of your yard.

We accept cash, EFT, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa.

Yes, we will always poison a stump when we cut down the tree unless you specify otherwise. If the team has concerns about the effect of surrounding plants we will consult with you prior to applying poison.

Phone is always best, followed by email. Please understand between driving machinery, climbing trees etc.; sometimes we can’t reply to text messages. Because of this we request no text messages. Thanks.

My team and I share a great passion for what we do and how we approach every task. My promise to you; that this shows through with our high standards of workmanship, safety and customer service. We’ll always take care of your property as if it was our own!

We have a combined experience of over 33 years in the Arboriculture/horticulture industry. You will always have a minimum of one certificate III qualified Arborit on site helping to complete the task. My team are trained to AS 4373-2007 pruning of amenity; you can rest assure will take 100% care

My team and I are skilled in all aspects of tree removals, tree pruning, tree surgery. We are always keeping up to date with the latest technics, combined with our own innovative procedures, combined with decades of experience there’s isn’t a task we can’t handle

We have several ways we charge and will always tailor the best option for your task. It’s not easy sometimes budgeting on tree works that need to be done and we understand this. If there’s a more affordable option we’ll always help make it happen

We want to be competitive leaders in the Arboriculture industry. When it comes to pricing our task you simply pay for our standard rates. We all know there will always be someone out there who can do it cheaper. Old Stump doesn’t sacrifice the wellbeing of others just to save a $

For our Oneflare customers, there family or friends we will provide a 5% discount for any job over $500 and 10% discount for any job over $1200

There is a few things that can help save money on your tree works: firstly having the work completed between Monday to Friday. Secondly referring us on to another person we are always grateful and will supply your job with a discount. Thirdly cash payments on completion

All we need to do is have a onsite inspection so we can determine the best way of completing the task. This also helps so if there is a saving to be made we can make it happen. Please always tell us the plans for the tree’s so we can supply the best possible solution.

We have 10 million insurance and will always supply you with a certificate of currency. Old Stump guarantees all work and will never leave your job till the quotation has been fulfilled and your 100% satisfied

To taking pride in our works, not rushing through things just to have a higher turn over. I believe in my word and my actions the importance of keeping to my word and always having awareness of my actions.

Do you supply free quotes? Yes we do! Will I need permission to cut down my tree? It all depends on where you live, I will be happy to assist you getting this information. Will lopping my tree kill it? In most cases lopping is bad practice, I show and explain how we can prune to give the best health

It always helps to do some background research and these days it’s so easy to do. Check there reviews on Google, check there videos, ask to check there safety procedures, ask check there insurance certificate of currency. Most of all DONT rush, feel comfortable before making a decision

We love to work outdoors. Been able to take our experience and skills to help customer try to understand the importancy of tree health and how trees can be so beneficial in your home. It’s a great job with different views from our office chair everyda

In this industry you meet a some really great people. I think in a whole the work we do there’s never shortage of a story to share. Hopefully I can share one in person!

It’s seems to be in our blood. 3 generations of tree climbers. From a young teenager I always had a fascination with trees and growing them. Later in life been in landscaping for 6 years before learning to climb. The rest is history