Land Development Clearing

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Land Development Clearing

Land Development Clearing

We provide comprehensive tree management and tree removal services for construction, engineering and agriculture projects. Whether you are installing power lines, building dams and reservoirs, developing new properties or preparing sports and recreational areas, we can clear the site of trees in preparation for your work.

Protecting the environment with eco-friendly land clearance

Whenever we undertake land or development clearing, we take great care to protect the environment. This includes searching for wildlife in the area to be cleared, and relocating animals found living in that habitat. In the event that protected species are spotted, we work with you and your team.  So we can provide an effective solution – such as safely moving the creatures to a new location.

All aspects of our land clearing services, from tree and shrub management to tree removals, are completely waste free. We guarantee to recycle 100% of the wood and leaf matter produced when we remove trees or their branches. As part of our service, we offer a weed management and control solution. We can also help to protect against serious hazards such as wildfires in a natural and sustainable way, by creating fire breaks through strategic tree removal.

Safety guaranteed with Old Stump Tree Services

All of our tree care engineers are fully qualified and covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. With many years of experience, we understand the unique nature of each tree species and we know how to remove them in the safest possible manner. We take great care to risk assess the trees you need clearing and the area that surrounds them, to prevent any damage to structures on your site – and to prevent the risk of injury to your team.

Where possible, we will work with you to save trees on your land. We can install barrier protection for trees during construction, and we offer selective tree removal whilst looking after the remaining trees and making them safe. To prevent the risk of livestock and crops in agricultural areas, therefore avoiding chemical controls wherever possible.

As skilled tree surgeons, we can also take steps to improve the health and safety of trees we are not clearing. This can include pruning and shaping of branches, canopy thinning, and bracing and cabling for increased stability.

Tree clearance services in Brisbane and across Australia

We are a family-run business, based in Brisbane. When we undertake commercial and industrial clearance contracts, furthermore, we travel all over the country and we work with construction teams of all sizes. Old Stump Tree Services can provide everything from site surveys and consultations.  Also, comprehensive tree felling programs – and we do so at very competitive rates. Call us today on 0451 181 281 for more information, and to book an appointment.