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Mobile Timber Milling

If you’ve got timber on your property that’s currently lying there, taking up space and not earning you money, why not use our mobile timber milling service? Many landowners have felled timber on their property which, with appropriate cutting and milling. Also, these could be fashioned into useful timber slabs, weatherboards or timber posts, and rails. For many people, the barrier to making use of their timber is a lack of appropriate equipment. They need this to shape the raw material into the right dimensions for their purpose. This is where we can help: we offer a complete mobile timber milling service, transforming your timber into items that you can either use or sell.

Australian-Built Mobile Timber Milling Equipment

From our years of experience in timber shaping and cutting, we know that tough, durable equipment is always a priority. Futhermore, our team uses Lucas Mills machines. Australian-made, they have an enviable reputation for top performance, even in challenging conditions, as well as excellent reliability. Capable of completing a wide range of different tasks, our milling machines are able to undertake jobs of all shapes and sizes. One of the major benefits of Lucas Mills equipment is that it’s highly portable. This enables us to access timber in difficult locations, enabling you to utilise wood that would otherwise go to waste.

Fast Set-up For Your Timber Recycling

Also, in addition to processing virgin timber, we can also recycle timber, creating the rails, slabs or other shaped wooden objects you need. Timber is a valuable resource, so it makes sense to make use of any you have on your property. No matter where your timber is, we are able to set our milling machinery up and get to work! Ideal for inaccessible locations, we are normally up and running in twenty minutes or less. We charge by the hour, so you only pay for the time it takes to complete your milling. This is extremely cost-effective, particularly if you’ve only got a small milling job, as a result, there’s no need to hire equipment and manpower for the day – if the job only takes a couple of hours, that’s all you’ll pay for.

Highly Experienced Onsite Timber Milling

We are an established company that provides high-grade mobile timber milling services across most of South East Queensland. We cover Brisbane 4000, Logan 4114 and Ipswich 4305, as well as surrounding areas. Our team is all time-served professionals who have a wealth of skills and knowledge. Finally, we work fast, processing your timber at a rapid rate, using state-of-the-art machinery. Hence we can give you the high-quality results you’re looking for without taking too much time.

Tree felling Can Be Arranged If Necessary

We predominantly deal with mobile timber milling. We can also arrange to fell your timber for you, as well as process it afterward with our milling machinery. So get in touch to find out more about our tree services. Discuss to us your mobile timber milling requirements in more detail.