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Storm Damage Removals

Storm Damage Removals and Preventing Them

Storm damage removals on trees can be extremely dangerous. Trees are large and heavy, and if they come crashing down suddenly they can wreck cars and houses, cause injuries, and even lead to loss of life. During a bad storm the wind, rain and lightning strikes can lead to broken boughs and branches, split trunks, and even the uprooting of an entire tree.

Help is at hand, however. Our professional arborists in Brisbane can deal with storm-damaged trees quickly and effectively, making them safe. Also, we can take preventative measures against storm damage. We can use tree surgery techniques to make your trees more storm resistant.

Dealing with storm-damaged trees

If a tree does become unsafe during or after a storm, we can attend and make it safe. This could involve removing the damaged branches, thinning the canopy, or bracing and cabling splits in the tree. In some circumstances where the damage is severe or the tree poses a big risk, we may recommend tree removal.

With storm damage removals, we make sure that the tree is felled and broken down safely. We even remove the stump. All of the trees will be sent for recycling, so there is no waste. If you would like to replace the lost tree with a new sapling, we can discuss your planting options with you.

Preventing storm damage to trees

If a tree does fall, it can cause serious and expensive damage. It is a very good idea to make sure your trees are ready for a storm, long before one arrives. Tree surgery treatments like crown reductions and branch thinning can make a tree less likely to succumb to a storm. Finally, supporting a tree with braces and cables can also ensure that it stands tall through the wind and rain.

Every tree is different, and our experts understand what is needed to protect and preserve these trees. We have the right equipment, training and knowledge to keep your trees safe. Above all, protecting you and your family or your business in the process. We will come and assess the tree, and make recommendations for tree care action so that you are prepared for any future bad weather.

Old Stump Tree Services is a Brisbane based family company, also serving the surrounding areas of Ipswich and Logan. Being local means we can keep our costs down. Also, it means we have a great working knowledge of native tree species. This includes knowing how to protect them in the stormy season, and to safely remove them or repair them in the event of storm damage.

If you are concerned about a tree that has been damaged, or if you want to reduce the risk of damage with preventative action, hence, get in touch with Old Stump Tree Services now. You can call for arborist services on 0451 181 281, including out of hours emergency callouts for dangerous trees. For routine jobs, get in touch online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.