Tree Cabling and Bracing

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Tree Cabling and Bracing

If you are concerned about a tree on your land which has become damaged, or which is at risk of slipping or falling, then you need the help of a tree care professional. Our tree surgeons offer a host of tree services, including cabling and bracing, to shore up unstable trunks and support the weight of heavy or lopsided branches.

There are two main reasons why tree bracing and cabling may be necessary:

    • Proactive prevention against branch failure
    • Effective repair of damaged trees

How to keep trees upright - Tree Cabling and bracing

Is my tree damaged?

Not all splits and breaks are immediately visible. While fallen branches or an uprooted tree are clear signs of damage, some splits and cracks occur deep inside the trunk – or high up in the crown. Also, if you suspect that a tree has been damaged in recent bad weather, you should always consult a professional. Furthermore, an expert arborist can inspect the tree thoroughly and spot any flaws and faults, before recommending the right tree surgery solutions for you.

In many cases, you can fix the break by applying braces and cables at strategic points across the tree’s structure. Braces can hold cracked trunks and boughs firmly, or rebalance an unstable tree.

Protecting trees and preventing faults

Tree braces have metal rods which hold together split branches and bear weight away from weak points. Cables are thick steel ropes, held in place with embedded rings, which spread the weight between branches or pull heavy branches into place. Cables and braces can ease the stress heavy canopy places on the trunk, hold together split branches, or reinforce codominant trunks.

Bracing and cabling are effective at preventing breaks and splits, as well as repairing them. In fact, braces and cables can benefit almost any tree. So they can be used for supporting tree trunks and the branches of young trees, ensuring that there are no breaks and splits as the tree grows. Braces can also be used to balance a tree that is growing too much on one side – and to secure large branches and support their weight.

How to keep trees upright - Tree Cabling and bracingExtreme winds, lightning strikes, and heavy rain can bring down branches and even split trunks. Trees in areas that are prone to storms, need extra protection to prevent them from falling. If you are concerned about the placement of a tree, call in our arborists and let us assess the situation.

What to expect from our South East Queensland arborists

When our tree care professionals attend your property, we undertake a thorough inspection of your tree(s). This work is done on a per tree cost basis, with a fixed fee for each inspection. Also, there are no hidden charges – just peace of mind at a great value price. After the inspection, we present you with a detailed report outlining any and all issues affecting your tree(s).

If we feel that bracing and cabling would stabilise a tree, therefore we will recommend it. We can also offer other courses of action, including branch lopping and pruning. For trees that cannot be stabilised, we can also provide felling and stump removal services.