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Tree Felling

Are there trees on your property that you need to fell? We can get the job done. Do you have a single tree that’s become too old for treatment? Or you have a small copse that you want to fell in order to realise the value of the timber? Our team are here to help. As an extremely expert tree felling company, we offer a full suite of timber felling services. Ensuring the safe dropping and removal of any size tree.

Our tree felling service has lots of options

We are able to fell trees in almost any location, including weak trees, larger specimens, and trees which are on a challenging site (for example on the edge of a drop, in swampy terrain or in close proximity to buildings, pylons or other hazards). Once we start felling the trees, we can prepare the timber as you wish, or do a complete tree removal for you. Options include: chopping and mulching (you can keep the mulch or we can take it away for you); de-limbing the tree by removing the branches, leaving the trunk intact (cross-cutting); chopping the tree into big sections of log; mill the timber into slabs, posts or similar; or simply fell the tree and leave it where it falls.

When it comes to dropping large tree specimens, we’ve got it covered

We can customise our tree felling and post-felling process according to your exact requirements. We are able to process all or part of the trees after felling, as well as remove some or all of the resultant debris. Just tell us what you need us to do, and leave the rest up to us. Above all, our aim is always to deliver what our customers want, competently, safely and at an affordable price.

We put safety at the heart of what we do

Felling trees are potentially extremely dangerous and certainly not something for amateurs. So not only is the machinery hazardous but if felling process is incorrect, there’s every possibility that all or part of the tree could land on people or property. Amateur tree felling endangers your life and that of other people: therefore why risk it? Give us a call and we can do the job for you, just how you want it, for less than you might think. Furthermore, our team is fully capable and expert, as well as highly knowledgeable. Also, we have all the right insurances in place, risk assess every single job and know what’s needed to ensure our work complies with relevant health and safety legislation.

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Our tree felling and tree removal services are available across most of South East Queensland. Covering Logan 4114, Brisbane 4000, Ipswich 4305 and everywhere in between. We can tailor each job to meet your needs, so we charge a flat rate fee.  We calculate it individually depending on the number of trees you have, post-felling milling and other important factors. Call us now to tell us what you need and to arrange a site visit to calculate your FREE estimate.