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Tree Pruning and Shaping in Brisbane

Whether you need to transform the trees on your land to improve their appearance, or you are concerned about a dangerous tree, professional tree lopping services can make a huge difference with Tree Pruning. Old Stump Tree Services is South East Queensland’s local arborist, serving Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

Reasons a tree may need pruning

One of the most common reasons our tree maintenance services are called in is to tackle overgrown trees. When left for many years without care, trees can spread out towards properties, damage paths, and block views. They can also become very dangerous, especially if the overgrowth makes the tree top-heavy.

Thankfully, there is a very effective way of managing a tree that has overgrown. Removing some of the branches can make a big difference to the health of a tree, and tree shaping will greatly improve its appearance. In the event that a tree has become dangerous, pruning and shaping can balance out the weight to reduce the risk of it toppling over. Loose, split or low-hanging branches can also be removed to increase a tree’s safety.

Why you need a professional for tree pruning

Trees are extremely complex and every one is unique. Tree pruning and shaping therefore requires expert knowledge of future growth and species behaviour. Making a mistake during the pruning process can create big problems in years to come. For example, removing a crucial branch from the tree’s main structure can cause it to grow in an unsafe way. We understand tree growth patterns, so we can ensure that we trim and cut the right branches.

Trust your local arborists in Brisbane

The team at Old Stump Tree Services know exactly what to do to make a tree safe and sturdy, without jeopardising its health – or your safety. We can attend your property on a fixed-fee basis to assess your trees and provide an expert opinion on them. We will recommend any treatment necessary, from crown shaping and canopy thinning through to tree removal and stump grinding. All quotes are given free, on a no-obligation basis.

For more information on our tree pruning services, and to speak to the Old Stump Tree Services team about any aspect of tree care and maintenance, call us now on 0451 181 281. You can also contact us online using the form provided.