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Consulting Arborist and Tree Surgeon

How does your tree feel today? One of the major challenges for non-arborists is to work out how healthy their tree is.  Also to know what you need to ensure optimal well-being. Bewilderingly, in some cases, a tree may look perfectly well but actually, have significant health issues.  In other circumstances, you can bring back a tree that looks alarmingly sick.  You can complete this with the right tree surgery and other tree care services. If you care about the health of your trees, get in touch with us to organise a check-up from a member of our expert team.

Accurate assessment of any tree

Every member of our team has significant experience in tree management and assessment. These are correct certifications and competencies to carry out tree maintenance services safely and correctly. If you have a sick, diseased tree, or even if you have one that looks healthy enough but which hasn’t been inspected for some years, it’s worth getting us out to complete an assessment. We are able to work on trees which VPO protects, as well as those which fall under one of the natural protection acts such as the Natural Assets Law 2003. All our work is carried out in line with Australia tree standards, ensuring you receive an accurate, relevant assessment which gives a complete picture of tree health.

What does our consulting arborist cover during tree inspections?

Normally an assessment will consist of two parts: a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) and a resistograph. The VTA covers a variety of different observations, including:

– Tree defects and damage
– Integrity of the overall structure (trunk, crown, branches)
– Any tree health concerns, including the presence of pests and infestations
– The impact which the work you want doing may have on the tree (for example, if you want to do pruning of your tree back significantly, we would assess whether the tree is likely to be able to withstand such drastic action)
– The predicted life expectancy of the tree
– An overall assessment of tree condition

This information, along with the results of the resistograph (a needle-thin drill is driven into the trunk of the tree; recording its resistance, giving a good indication of stump density and therefore health) are summarised in a written report which can be used to inform treatment options. We also give our professional opinion on the best course of action for the tree.

Tree surgery services across Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

We offer a full tree surgery consultancy and tree treatment service for trees. Across the local area including Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan. Our tree surgeon services include a range of tree repairs.  Such as pruning or tree cabling and bracing, as well as felling. Finally, complete removal should the tree be in such poor condition that it can’t be saved. Timely inspection not only enables us to offer the very best advice when it comes to keeping your trees healthy.  This can also save you money, as more dramatic (and therefore expensive) options.  So call us now to book your tree health assessment.