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Have you got a pile of branches, leaves, off cuts or other plant or shrub pieces which need to be converted into something useful? So why not transform them into mulch? After completing a major pruning job, clearing vegetation or probably have performed some other task which has resulted in a significant amount of green debris, we can convert it into small chippings (mulch) quickly and conveniently. Using premium grade equipment and an experienced operator, consequently, we are able to process green waste fast. You can achieve this by creating useful chippings wherever you’re located. No matter how much green waste you’ve got to get rid of. Hence, you can rely on us to convert it to useful mulch at your convenience.

Wood Chipper HireMulching Trees Can Discourage Weeds And Bring Many Other Benefits

When you use our wet wood chipper hire for your mulcher, you’ll enjoy the services of one of our skilled team. He operates using a Bandit 250XP. This top-quality piece of machinery offers excellent performance and reliability. Mulching anything from larger branches (up to 400mm) through to much smaller pieces of green waste. We come to you, working through your pile of waste green material to create mulch. We can use these to protect trees, conserve water in the soil, and therefore reducing weed growth. Mulching palm trees, for example, can protect the base and roots of the tree from drought and extreme temperatures. As a result, providing valuable nutrients as the mulch decomposes. Mulching bamboo can do an awful lot to improve the growth of the plants.

Wood Chipper Hire

Fully Insured, Safe Wood Chipper Hire

Just like any other piece of machinery, a chipper truck can be dangerous if used incorrectly. We are fully insured to work on both commercial and residential projects. We cover across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the rest of South East Queensland. Even more, a risk assessment is conducted on each job before we get started and all our operatives are highly trained in relevant health and safety requirements in order to protect the well-being of everyone on site. Suitable for both residential and commercial jobs, finally, we comply with all relevant legislation and industry recommendations.

Anyone wants a cost-effective alternative to hiring a skip bin and who don’t want the hassle of loading.  Also, who wants all their green waste up for disposal, mulcher hire is a great alternative. If you’re that person, give us a call to tell us what you need or to schedule your wood chipper hire today.